The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion

Hundreds of Practical Tips for Repairing, Reusing, and Repurposing Food
How to Eat Better, Save Money, and Utilize Leftovers Creatively

This easy-to-use handbook is an A-Z ensemble of food items—fresh and leftover—and the numerous and delicious ways of using them up. It also shows how to extend a food’s shelf life, find alternate uses for typically discarded parts, and repair recipes gone wrong. Beyond the kitchen, create your own garden compost and potpourri. Discover hundreds of ideas for achieving sustainable and environmentally friendly processes to streamline your pantry—and balance your budget.

Whether you’re dealing with your garden’s bumper crop, living on a budget, or simply looking for ways to reduce waste, just look up the food item in question to learn about the multiple ways it can be used, reused, and repurposed.

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The Waste-Wise Gardener

Tips and Techniques to Save Time, Money, and Natural Resources While Creating the Garden of your Dreams
Low-cost, Easy-care Sustainable Gardening

The Waste-Wise Gardener, contains scores of easily implemented tips and techniques designed to take some of the labor out of your labor of love. As you read through the alphabetically organized advice, you’ll discover how to conserve natural resources, money, and your own time—all while maintaining an organic, earth-friendly garden.

You can create a vibrant, sustainable garden without sacrificing all your time to maintenance. After all, what’s the point of creating a natural work of art if you don’t get to relax and enjoy it?

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The Kitchen Paraphernalia Handbook

Doing the Most in the Kitchen with the Least Equipment

A cluttered kitchen can lead to stress and frustration. On the flip side, a poorly stocked kitchen can prove just as challenging. Whether you have too much equipment or not enough, an ill-equipped space can waste your time and undermine the joy of cooking.

The Kitchen Paraphernalia Handbook is a home chef’s guide to getting more done with less. It features an A-to-Z guide of kitchen utensils, tools, and gadgets, and each item is accompanied by more common tools and easy techniques that can accomplish the same tasks. Equal parts practicality and creativity, this guide makes it easy to thin out overflowing drawers and make the most out of a few crucial tools.

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Seasoning Substitutions

Swaps and Stand-ins for Sweet or Savory Condiments and Flavorings

Improvising can save a savvy cook not only time and money but unnecessary trips to the grocery store. With Seasoning Substitutions you’ll find alternatives and facsimiles for condiments from around the world, enabling you to optimize your choices by cooking with what’s on hand (or less expensive). Making emergency substitutions or ethnic dishes has never been easier, let alone the money you’ll save, the waste you’ll avoid, and the sense of accomplishment you’ll relish.

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Baking Substitutions

Do you love baking? Are there occasions when you find it almost impossible to source an ingredient, no matter where you look? This book is here to help!

Most people bake at some point in their lives. There can be nothing more satisfying than producing a special treat for yourself or your family. But what happens on those occasions when you cannot find that vital ingredient you need? In this book, you will discover plenty of clever ideas that will help when you get stuck.

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Asian Ingredient Substitutions

Are you an Asian food aficionado? An adventurous cook? An innovative cook? A curious cook? Or perhaps a budget-minded cook looking to produce flavorful Asian dishes using local products? Then this book is for you.

Containing the flavors and foods of China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, and India, the book is a comprehensive collection of all the available substitutions presented in a convenient A-Z format.

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The Complete Food Substitutions Handbook

Thousands of replacements for common, uncommon, and hard-to-find ingredients.

This comprehensive resource will show you how to

  • Choose the best substitution for the best application
  • Swap pricey ingredients for less expensive ones
  • Convert favorite recipes into healthier renditions
  • Avoid additives, preservatives, chemicals, and colorings
  • Whip up easily-made replicas of commercial products
  • Reduce your carbon footprint using locally sourced items
  • Save time, money, and needless trips to the grocery store
  • Plus much, much more

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