Asian Ingredient Substitutions

Are you an Asian food aficionado? An adventurous cook? An innovative cook? A curious cook? Or perhaps a budget-minded cook looking to produce flavorful Asian dishes using local products? Then this book is for you.

Containing the flavors and foods of China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, and India, the book is a comprehensive collection of all the available substitutions presented in a convenient A-Z format.

“For American cooks who lack access to better-stocked grocery stores, MacLeod’s suggested swaps will be a lifesaver…A concise and practical guide…” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Recommended.” ―The US Review of Books

“This is for professionals and advanced amateurs…For dedicated Asian cooks, this is a must have next to your stove.” ―Seattle Book Review

“…a useful reference guide for the non-Asian cook who wants to learn how to prepare meals in one or more Asian tradition, but may not have access to a comprehensive variety of traditional ingredients.” ―IndieReader

“Highly Recommending.” ―bookseller at Reader’s Guide Book Store

Highly Recommending…Delighted to find this resource.” ―Jan Martin, a librarian from Southern Pines Public Library

Packed with tips, techniques, and suggestions, this practical handbook will show you how to:

  • Create replicas of commercial products
  • Use locally sourced ingredients in place of hard-to-obtain exotic ones
  • Choose the best alternative for the required component
  • Produce low-fat, low-sugar, or low-salt alternatives to your favorite dishes
  • Convert dozens of recipes into gluten-free, lactose-free, or vegan versions
  • Understand the differences between various kinds of noodles, rices, spices, and condiments
  • Avoid paying pricey prices for spices with a limited shelf life
  • Try new recipes without investing in a one-off ingredient
  • Embark on a culinary adventure without blowing your food budget

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