Baking Substitutions

Do you love baking?
Are there occasions when you find it almost impossible to source an ingredient, no matter where you look?
This book is here to help!

Most people bake at some point in their lives. There can be nothing more satisfying than producing a special treat for yourself or your family. But what happens on those occasions when you cannot find that vital ingredient you need?

“A straightforward, easy-to-use reference for home bakers.”Kirkus Reviews

“You may never again make a last-minute dash to the store while other ingredients wait on your countertop, nor search online for ingredient substitutions. Why waste valuable time when you have this compact 225-page reference guide at your fingertips.”The US Review of Books

“Interesting and very useful, it’s well done and easy to use. Strongly recommended!”Anna Maria Giacomasso, Reviewer

“It provides helpful ideas and suggestions that most simply wouldn’t think to give…more useful than having a competent baker assisting you in the kitchen”Seattle Book Review

“…highly recommended.”Manhattan Book Review

“…an invaluable resource, providing helpful information for novices and experienced bakers alike.”IndieReader

“This was very helpful. I will definitely be using this time and time again.”Tucker Almengor, blogger for The Library Reader and Goodreads

In this book, you will discover plenty of clever ideas that will help when you get stuck, including:

  • Making emergency substitutions for common ingredients
  • Creating low-fat, low-sugar, and low-salt alternatives
  • Converting recipes into gluten-free, lactose-free, or vegan versions
  • Using edible, wild fruit, nuts and berries
  • Trying new recipes without investing in a one-off ingredient
  • Avoiding waste and saving time
  • And lots more…

More than just another cookbook, Baking Substitutions could revolutionize the way you think about food and cooking and is packed with hints, tips, and useful recipes as well.

Get a copy today. No kitchen should be without this worthwhile addition that will inspire and motivate you in equal measure!

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