The Complete Food Substitutions Handbook

Thousands of replacements for common, uncommon, and hard-to-find ingredients.

Whether you’re looking to replicate a missing ingredient, seeking a healthier or leaner equivalent, or merely wanting a cheaper alternative, you won’t be disappointed.

“From the exotic to the ordinary, it’s hard to think of a more helpful, useful culinary handbook that applies to every part of the world, every walk of life, and almost every situation you could find yourself in where a substitution becomes necessary.”The US Review of Books

“…a comprehensive reference text of food substitutions…MacLeod certainly knows her stuff…”Kirkus Reviews

Whether you’re a budding baker, recipe maker, or culinary risk taker, look no further. There are ideas aplenty to stir the imagination. Plus, a wealth of options to satisfy your creative spirit.

Whether you have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or ethical dos and don’ts, this book has you covered. Also, it’s one you’ll turn to time and time again. Because choosing the right ingredient can sometimes spell the difference between a recipe’s triumph and a recipe’s flop.

Order your copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

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The Complete Food Substitutions Handbook by Jean B. MacLeod

The Complete Food Substitutions Handbook

by Jean B. MacLeod

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